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Further down was more body heat as another blonde head rested on her leg, an arm curled around the limb, this last sleeping bard lying between her thighs. Gabrielle pushed herself to the other side of Xena's body and licked over the rise of Xena's left biceps. 40 year old milf. She simply couldn't concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds with Gabrielle making love to her the way she was.

Gabrielle's skin made Xena want to reach out and touch it, so she did. Xena gabrielle nude. Her back was being cradled by Gabrielle's hands and the soft little grunts of contentment coming from Gabrielle made Xena moan even louder. The kiss ended, leaving Xena dizzy. Looking down at the exposed flesh of her friend, she took Gabrielle by the hand and led her back to the cave. Gabrielle's hands slid through Xena's hair and down her back.

They ate it, so she assumed they needed food. We all know this is a lethal combination, so use your best judgement, folks. Hot nude latinas tumblr. Xena pulled all the way out on her next retreat and brought her fingers to her mouth. She picked up one of the phalli and slid it into place, then picked up the other and placed it just below the first.

A tear ran down her cheek and the bard at her shoulder looked up at her. The new position gave Xena even better access to Gabrielle's anus and Gabrielle felt the phallus at her ass slide inside a little easier. Xena knew there would be hand-shaped bruises on the bard's breasts within the hour. Her head felt drunk with it. The staff went flying and Gabrielle quickly brought the tip of her staff to point under Eponin's chin. Neither showed any signs of tiring, Eponin's body having learned endurance from her daily lessons with the other Amazons, and Gabrielle having gained her staying power from trying to keep up with Xena, not to mention battling thugs on an almost daily basis.

There were shouts of encouragement from the surrounding Amazons, but neither opponents seemed to take much notice. And did she have that much rope? It had only been a few days ago. Then Xena called out to the two combatants. Her knees had moved apart even more to help her in her endeavor, but she was so wet, Xena's single finger felt more like air than a solid invasion she could thrust against. Nude pics of pinay. Gabrielle supposed part of that was because, when she was thinking of Xena at those times, she was trying to get herself off and she found more pleasure in imagining being touched than doing the touching.

She pulled harder at Gabrielle's butt and then snaked her right hand lower to feel Gabrielle's exposed vaginal opening.

Then she finally pressed her tongue between them and entered Xena's mouth. Xena's pussy tasted better than anything Gabrielle had ever had in her mouth. She wasn't going to be able to hold it back. But maybe this was for the best. Xena was guiding her back onto the shafts by pulling at her hands still held behind her back.

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Why had she done that?

They began french kissing again. Lesbian dominant videos. Xena began to whimper. Xena gabrielle nude. The blonde let Xena pull away from the lips that had never stopped pleasuring her. Xena came in her sleep. Both were very tired, and they happened upon a secluded wooded area with a nice running stream. It was hard in a matter of moments and Gabrielle couldn't resist the desire to take it into her mouth.

She kissed the soft skin on the insides of each of Xena's wrists and then tightened the knots around both. Gabrielle kept her hands at her sides and waited to see what Xena had in mind.

Gabrielle looked at Xena's fluffy black bush. Xena didn't stop her, so she slid her wet tongue deep inside of Xena's mouth. Maybe next time they could convince Hercules to join them. Photos of sunny leone nude. It's good to try to think about them and figure them out, but you shouldn't let it stop you from being who you are. Gabrielle moved to straddle Xena's waist. More you may like. I think he was looking at me when he wrote something on the scroll. Finally, Gabrielle had the cock all the way out of her slave and she gingerly moved to the edge of the bed to stand up.

She loved having Xena's fingers inside her, but using a facsimile left Xena's hands free and Gabrielle really enjoyed the uses Xena found to occupy them. Gabrielle was still in a haze from her nap and it was only the need to breathe that caused her to pull away from Xena and come to her senses. Then she finally pressed her tongue between them and entered Xena's mouth. Danny d fuck big tits. In my mind, almost every night, I thought about you. She was struggling with how to integrate it into everything else in her life.

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What a way to start the day. She thrust hard into Gabrielle, giving the young woman what she was looking for, and nearly came herself at the sight and sounds Gabrielle was creating for her. Gabrielle awoke in the middle of the night and ate Xena as she slept.

Xena easily slid her body down Gabrielle's, until her face was at a level with Gabrielle's furry mound. I want to know with every touch from you that you love me and that you will protect me with your life. Xena casually ran her hands through the blonde hair and realized how much she was enjoying the physical contact. Xena searched those green eyes, looking for signs of her bard, the Gabrielle she had come to love.

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Gabrielle closed her eyes and let her head fall back at the touch, her thighs continuing to flex, as they caused her to slowly move up and down over the finger inside her. She loved having Xena's fingers inside her, but using a facsimile left Xena's hands free and Gabrielle really enjoyed the uses Xena found to occupy them. Sophie reade nude videos. Gabrielle held up her hand to ask Xena to wait a moment and carefully put away their medical supplies.

After a little searching, Gabrielle pulled out a pouch and Xena groaned. It was slow, methodical, like a dream where you try to run fast but you can barely manage a step forward. Xena gabrielle nude. Gabrielle drew her head up and focused on Xena's face. Real nude celeb photos It had a slightly different consistency from the last time Gabrielle had feasted on Xena's sex and the bard wondered if it had anything to do with how long she'd spent arousing the warrior.

You okay with that? I want to know with every touch from you that you love me and that you will protect me with your life. Xena rubbed her wrists and the insides of her arms to counteract the prolonged stretched position she'd endured for her pleasure. She let the edge of her hand brush against the top of Gabrielle's pubic hairs, then roamed to the other extreme and traced along the undersides of Gabrielle's breasts. She awoke with a start.

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Sex nude nipple She was just teasing herself into a higher state of arousal, but it felt so good.
Sexy big pussy girls With a little encouragement, Xena raised her head again and accepted a kiss. I want you to trust me to keep you safe from harm, to defend you from anyone who would call you weak for letting me rule you. She was most definitely ready for her warrior.
Donna jones tits It was now dark, but Xena could see Gabrielles golden bush in the firelight. She felt her legs being pushed farther apart by the outsides of Xena's thighs.
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