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Nude zachary quinto

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And Marcus had a model of his secret ship on his desk?

Replies to my comment. Why would you be so critical? Go curl up somewhere, and slowly suffocate. Escort agency business. Multiple actors have played Batman and they have all put their own spin on it but yet they all feel like they were playing some version of Batman. It has made the most money of all of them. Nude zachary quinto. He could marry a man in Connecticut tomorrow and they still wouldn't believe.

I LOVE that as a concept. Jemini — good point about a Quartet. Skip to main content.

Nude zachary quinto

Like many others, I think it was a terrible mistake to cast Cumberbatch as Khan. But because we are always comparing him to the other Khan is where he falls flat. They found someone that looked like Nimoy rather then finding a really good actor that could pull it off.

I felt the first two JJ Trek movies went far too far towards dumbed down blockbuster so as to appeal to the mass audience and rake in their budgets. Skinny big tits. April 3, 9: If they deviate from one of them, its probably not the end of the world but it would create an issue for sure. April 3, 5: And he comes across as a far more fearsome, strong character than BC.

Its the exact same argument every time you post here. But it seemed like there was very little for Beyond. I saw nothing wrong with Khan in the movie. This is a hoot!! He makes an impersonation of tos mccoy. Captain Obvious Zach is still hiring broke little escorts with big Hollyweird dreams to be on his arm. Hell, she still got more than poor Sulu who got a ten second scene with this husband and daughter basically as character development.

Also your first comment is what deeply wrong with our community. But he didnt write the film by himself. Uh, in what way? I personally could never be with someone who is such a whore that he wants to share what should be private between us in a public-access photo spread.

But you know how this works. Lesbian couple baby options. How is it that people keep from wolf whistling or laughing when someone is nude on the stage? Ive been very complimentary of work I like. I thought her role was fine in the movie.

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Unfortunately, Beyond relegated him to nerdy friend of hero role again. Bob has been terribly insulting to people on here in the past. Milf hd xvideos. And its such a cliche that the bad guy has a bigger, badder, blacker ship. Nude zachary quinto. So is anyone who saw it able to provide us with a description of Quinto's cock?

Im genuinely curious as to why you think it was the best Trek film so far. The fact Bob wanted to bring Shatner back. No one was saying any such thing when Dr Who became a woman.

To either use them as agents or use their DNA for genetic research. LOL, well hopefully some day. Though it did take me halfway through the first part to warm up to her. Tisha campbell naked photos. And who knows how much Paramount had to pay the Chinese financers, or if they ever got their Chinese box-office share.

Based on the previous outing. Again going back to the first trailer I remember how I personally felt seeing it destroyed, it was like they were killing off McCoy or Spock. Honestly, I hear very little criticism of the arms-deal aspect. If they were "out" they'd have no problem telling the press it's okay to report it and they could STILL decline the interviews and press covers about it.

As for your claiming that I make no argument about what makes a good movie, could say the same thing about your own comments but I think I did that. Im actually surprised there wasnt more backlash to the whitewashing of Khan but I guess it was only Star Trek. The rest of us however DO care and we simply saying no begging for no one to make that same mistake again.

Ch-ch-check out the video above to hear just how nekkid we're talking! Sure there could be a bond but nothing like the death scene we saw in WOK. I repeat, it is by no means sold out.

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Not that Discovery was bad. I don't think I could deal with seeing live nudity on a stage. Sofie nude pics. To seek out new life and new civilisations. Something just smells fishy about that whole thing…. If that site weren't so horrible to search I'd give you the link.

They have to make these films more quicker but I obviously get the hold up with this one since Beyond bombed.

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